Customer Letter
Welcome to InfiNet's CGI Server Environment for publishers.

The Secure CGI environment is Integration's answer to the customer's demands to be able to write cgi-scripts freely, without being subject to the existing review process. An environment was created which met the following condition:

To allow our customers to write their own cgi in the most secure manner possible..

Rules and Regulations

All CGI MUST meet the following criteria:

Why the environment is secure?

The environment can be considered secure because of the following:

FAQ (Frequently asked Questions)

Q: Who do I contact to get my own environment?

Your point of contact for installing CGI environments is the Affiliate Help Service Web Page.

Q: Who do I contact if I cannot get my program to work

Q: How do I upload a perl script to my environment?

Q: What commands/Perl Modules are available to me?

Software installed, and supported libraries

Q: How can I make my script secure from hackers?
To avoid problems that might compromise your site's security or availability, we have developed a short list of basic requirements for CGI programs.

Q: What scripts are available from InfiNet?